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The Writer at her desk

Looking for publicity pictures, I stumble upon this photo of myself the way I might discover a poem I don't remember writing. This has happened several times Although I know I wrote the piece in question, I am always left wondering a little about myself as a writer....

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My Husband’s Fiftieth High School Class Reunion

Last year my husband received messages on his Email about his upcoming 50th High School Class Reunion. He sent notes back and forth to some of those classmates who organized the get-together. Although I attended two reunions of my high school class of ’70, the 20th...

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T is for Tumbled Dry

When my nephew read the title of my first collection of poetry, he thought perhaps it would be easier to say “tumble” rather than “tumbled.” But I explained that TUMBLED DRY stems from my experience of tumbling which occurred early in my life, therefore the word...

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